90% of operating school days, we use no artificial lighting – its fantasticThe café space was a bit ‘cave’ like, the daylight and its architectural presentation just resolves the light, and looks great!The Breezeman™ extraction fans are really effective – gets rid of the workshop emissionsThe true colour appearance we are getting under the daylight on the garments is brilliant!Inner city spaces like this really lack daylight – the Solatube’s are awesomeThe payback on our Solatube project was less than 3 yearsReliability, Agility, Safety. The values at the core of all our Green Energy SystemsOutstanding System performance - BCA Section J – SHGC, U-value compliant, and Region D cyclone rated.Total architectural freedom can realise exciting and contemporary daylighting resultsBuilding Code Compliant Daylighting Systems , Solatube – Innovation in DaylightingCooling the warehouse down for the guys was the priority, it worked a treatThe installation was done in just one week, really professional project managementIt was really efficient – no cabling required and no ongoing running costsGreen Energy Solutions - listening & matching renewable technology to an aspiration

SolarTube Commercial Daylighting

GES can bring the light of the day into dark spaces and transform your environments with Solatube day lighting.

Solar Ventilation

GES has a range of solar powered ventilation systems to help companies save money and reduce captured heat loads in the workplace.

Commercial Whirlybirds

Wind and Electric Powered Ventilation. For consistent air quality and guaranteed performance when you need it.

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