About GES

GES operates predominantly in Western Australia, with a focus on reliable supply, geographic agility, and a strong customer service culture. GES can meet the renewable energy requirements of households, businesses, agricultural and commercial projects and regional and remote communities with quality warranted renewable energy products and systems. Genuine accredited engineering capability via our design partners and suppliers, ensures matching renewable technolgy to customer aspiration business approach. GES does not participate in the residential solar energy market.

Listening and Matching Renewable Technology to Aspirations

The common factor amongst all of our clients is individuality. From residential to corporate, government agencies and rural businesses, all have unique aspirations for what renewable technology and clean energy means to them, and how they would like to leverage these technologies towards their goals. GES listens to your needs and provides the best fit solutions to maximise savings and return on investment. This could mean anything from an Energy Star Rated daylighting system for your home, through to a large rural / remote solar farm for your sation or resources operations. 

Community Projects

The directors at Green Energy Systems (GES™) aspire to forge collaborative relationships with our community, where mutual benefit is achieved. GES is looking for projects and ‘good fit’ strategic partners whom we can work with on meaningful community projects. Each organization and each individual can make a difference when they look out for those people and circumstances that cross their path, and how we can each help. For more information on GES community engagement please contact sales@greenenergysystems.net.au.