GES forms new JV with YellowDot Energy – YDOT GES Pty Ltd

GES has formalised its long term pre-existing commercial relationship with YellowDot Energy in a new Joint Venture targeting Large Scale PV Projects for Power Generation, and for high volume bore pumping within Western Australia. YDOT GES and our German technology Partners, provide a depth of Solar Power Plant and Network Interfacing engineering and design capability, not previously available in WA.

YDOT GES Pty Ltd offer our Clients a full service suite including; complex energy modelling, PLC software and algorythms, technically supported ROI analysis, project financing options, project documentation, site execution and commisioning.Remote locations are ideal applications for Solar, and Solar Diesel Hybrid Power Plants as the options of grid network expansion and diesel generation are increasingly costly to build and maintain. The life cycle cost analysis of these options, is compelling when compared with Scaled Solar Energy.

YDOT GES – your Scaled SolarPower Plant Project partners right here in WA.