Hurricane™ Turbine Ventilator

Hurricanes-Bondall-smlHurricane™ ventilation systems are designed to ensure installed buildings will have the best ventilation performance with the right air exchange rates. Designed and manufactured in Australia, Hurricane™ Turbine Ventilators have received global recognition as the leaders in wind-driven ventilator technology.

Hurricane™ ventilators by Edmonds are constructed from corrosion resistant aluminium and feature a Tandaco pre-packaged double row bearing system for optimum performance under a wide range of conditions.

For your peace of mind, all these standard products have a 15 year warranty.
Hurricane™ ventilators have been performance tested to Australian Standard, have also been wind load tested to 195km/h, and tested for rain penetration to Australian Standards.

Exported to more than 40 countries, Hurricane™ ventilators are being used by some of the world’s largest corporations including:

  • General Electric (Canada, USA, Brazil, Chile, Vietnam)
  • Honda (India)
  • Toyota (Oman)
  • Umicore (Bulgaria)
  • Daewoo (Romania)
  • Alcan (USA)

and in Australia:

  • Harvery Norman
  • Over 300 colleges and schools throughout Australia

Features and Benefits

  • Specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications
  • Made from light weight, corrosion resistant marine grade equivalent aluminium
  • Extensive range of products
  • Models available for use in Category 1 Bush Fire Zones
  • Available in high corrosion resistance version
  • Available in product suited for smoke release applications
  • Tested to Australian Standards
  • Matching accessories available
  • Manual and Electric dampers
  • Short lead times on standard products
  • 15 year warranty

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